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Société d'Animations et de Services

Dedicated to the owners

Founded in 1969, the Société d’Animation et de Services, led by a board of directors, is the gateway to the Alpe des Chaux mountain destination. Its aims are two-fold: to play an active role in the life and development of Alpe des Chaux and to be of service and on hand to local people, residents, guests and visitors. Our various departments provide a wide range of services including information and assistance.

General administration of condominiums

The SAS handles all tasks associated with condominium administration and management. It ensures compliance with regulations and that buildings are maintained and charges are paid. It organises and manages co-owner meetings and provides follow-up to decisions made at these meetings.

Administrative department

The SAS will discretely resolve all questions relating to insurance, invoicing, correspondence, tax and any other administrative matters. In collaboration with the external department, it handles any minor technical work relating to your accommodation or intended to make your stay more enjoyable (laundry service, repairs, caretaking etc.).

Sale department

A team of professionals is on hand to guide you, step by step, in researching and acquiring a property that meets your expectations and offers you services tailored to the specific characteristics of this mountain environment.

Rental department

The SAS offers to rent out your apartment. We handle all aspects of promoting your property, from welcoming guests to payment of rental income. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE SERVICES WE OFFER!

External department

The SAS handles external maintenance in the Alpe des Chaux community. It provides services designed to maintain the quality and care for the mountain destination. These services include the inspection and maintenance of community equipment, such as snow clearance and mowing equipment and exterior lighting.

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  • Sale of supplies and various services

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